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Swing automatic doors (gates) are installed usually in the cases when it is not such a possibility as to install a sliding automatic door.

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In this system the door leaves while opening are moving not parallel to the door plane, but with 90’s grade rotation, making the doorway free for the people’s passage. This type of system helps to increase the width of a doorway in the narrow places.

Swing doors can be both one leaf and two leaves. By the way, the motor drives for automatic doors help fast and relatively inexpensive to automate already existing swing doors.

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The motor drive of a swing door by its design is like a big door closer with an electro drive. In case it is installed under the door inside the building, the swing drive with the help of a link arm of different shapes opens the usual swing door both outside and inside. It is such a possibility as to set the necessary parameters of the door moving: opening speed, time delay in the open position and opening angle. The motor drive may be installed both on a door leaf and on a rack. If you don’t want to break the integrity of the door, the special motor drive may be installed invisibly, in the floor.

Automatic swing doors are very practical: they are tightly closed and are easy to install. The using of a swing door increases the comfort and provides an easy access for people with disabilities.

Swing automatic doors by "IMTC-Constructie" SRL are the ideal solution for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, stores, office buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, theaters and concert halls.