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“IMTC-Constructie” SRL offers the modern system of the façade glazing of different configurations.
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Frameless façade glazing is very popular now and looks wonderful in modern hi-tech style. The stylish frameless façade glazing technology helps to create “clear”, maximum holistic façade surface without visual graphic “grid”. Panoramic glazing, beside wonderful view, helps to fill the placement with the light and helps to underline all the interior advantages.

bezram ostek 003Frameless facade glazing fields of using:

Residential complexes construction, offices, restaurants and cafés, terraces, penthouses, greenhouses and winter gardens, fitness clubs and trade centers.

Panoramic glazing advantages:

Daylight and sound insulation. While using façade glazing the sunlight stream, that enters the placement, achieves the maximum possible value. The modern frameless systems dissipate ultraviolet rays and restrains outdoor noise without extra resonance.

Frameless glazing helps to make the façade looks like organic whole. The main feature of frameless façade is the absence of any visual fixing elements from outside of a building. Translucent part may have decorative or purely functional purpose.

Frameless glazing is a wonderful show-window. The unlimited view and transparency can represent the goods in the most favorable way.

Panoramic glazing underlines the exclusivity, prestigiousness of a designed object, visually increases the space of a placement.

Frameless glazing systems are suitable for year-round using for many years. They are safe and easy in service.

Frameless façade offers a number of advantages for private interior too. It corresponds to the façade aesthetics of a modern house-building. The absence of frame constructions gives panoramic view, free light penetration and sound insulation.

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The entire surface is being created from extra strong glass, with the thickness of 6,8 and 10 mm. The glasses are placed at one line, closer to each other with a low technological gap, what gives a so called “flexibility” to the facade.

Types of glass, which are used for panoramic glazing and which have extra strength:
tempered glass;
glass, covered with a special film

For panoramic glazing, tempered glass will suit best of all. Tempered glass - is a flat glass which goes through a special thermal processing, as a result of which the glass obtains the improved qualities. The common advantages are in its mechanical strength (it is stronger than usual glass in) and safety in operation. This glass can’t be destroyed by accidental hit, has a very high heat resistance and doesn’t loose its optical features. In case of destroying the glass is splitting on very small safe fractions.

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Triplex consists of two or more glasses, which are glued between each other with a help of a special film. The glasses that are used for triplex manufacturing can be also tempered.

Such type of glasses are also safe, but are used, in case if it is a necessity, even after destroying, to perform for a short period of time the function of fencing (railing, show-window and other). Even if such type of glass will be destroyed, the odds and ends will hung on a film.

Also there is a possibility to use sheet glass, which is preliminary covered with an armored film.