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How to make the building entrance always remaining clean and safety?

An elegant solution – is the glass canopies

“IMTC-Constructie” SRL offers all-glass canopies on SPIDER GLASS SYSTEM fittings, that withstands to a high snow and wind loads, and is highly resistant to corrosion. Glass and metal in combination give lightness and modern style to any facade.. 

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Construction made from glass ideally underlines both hi-tech and classic buildings. Glass canopies perfectly combined with wood, concrete and brick. Glass canopies over the entrance groups, pavilions and galleries, balcony fencing can be transparent, “weightless”, but at the same time, absolutely functional. Thanks to plasticity, that has glass; it is possible to design the canopies of any different shapes.

stekl koziriki 006While projecting such types of constructions, it is necessary to take into account the external loads, such as lasting snow load, branches, and icicles falling. Glass canopies are counted individually on snow and wind loads by our specialists with all accepted building standards.

stekl koziriki 007By European standards the glass is made from triplex, consisting of thermally-hardened tempered glass, which in 5-7 times is stronger than the raw glass (on curves), and at fracture brakes on small rounded fragments, which are safety for a person. If Triplex is damaged it has an opportunity to save the shape of the glass canopy and can run the load for a while.

stekl koziriki 001Depending on the width of the canopy, it may consist of one or several glasses. The joints of the glasses are sealed securely. The glass can be transparent, frosted, tilted, with patterns.

SPIDER fittings by “IMTC-Constructie” SRL made from stainless steel and designed for frameless fixing of architectural glass are very popular now in the facade construction. For canopies fixing our company is used certified fittings made from qualitative stainless steel.
Using all of these components your canopy will look always stylish, expensive and exclusive!

Your canopy will have always look stylish, expensive and exclusive with all of these components!