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Glass Floor – is a glass through which you can walk, dance or even drive a car!

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Glass floors are very popular among designers. Glass – is a very beautiful material in the capable hands of a designer. In any placement or office, TV news studio, auto show, cafe, restaurant, exclusive boutique or a night club dance floor – glass floor will be the best decoration of your interior; will give the filling of “ethereality” and will fill the placement with light. Glass floor can underline the individuality of any architectural solutions.

stekl poli 004Many people are afraid to use glass in the interior because of wrong opinion about glass fragility. Due to modern technologies 1 square meter can withstands more than 400 pounds. And think not just of the most common materials can withstand such a load! Glass is used for floors, which in turn confirms the reliability of this material.

“IMTC-Constructie” SRL uses a special type of glass for glass floors – “triplex” – multilayer glass, consisting of many tempered glasses, glued between each other by polymer film, what helps to create a very durable and transparent multilayer surface. Because your safety is above all for us!

Glass canvases can be also frosted, tilted or painted at you request, can be decorated by frosted blasting patterns or decors.

The mounting of the floor glass fragments on carrying constructions is made with the help of special brackets, made from stainless steel and mounted in fragments with the help of polymer glue.

In order to avoid slipping on a glass floor and avoiding its abrasion, different types of processing are used. Blasting processing of the surface – is one of the type of processing.

There are different types of glass floors:

  • stekl poli 005Windows. This type of glass floor is very popular. It is used often for apartments and country houses. In the existing floor is made a recess or, if it is difficult to perform, the floor build up on a height 100-150 mm. Around the planned floor perimeter the steel frame is made from the glass, then the side surfaces of the recess are executed. The glass fits into the frame through the special insulating spacers, in order to avoid the direct contact with metal. The recess, as the rule, is fulfilled with decorative sand and different artifacts.
  • stekl poli 008Glass path (band glass floor) – numerous “glass windows”, mounted on the perimeter of the placement. Much effectively this variant combines with internal LED lights.
  • stekl poli 009Glass field – a hole in the floor between two levels, in which on the carrying construction made from stainless steel, the transparent glass canvas is mounted.
  • The glass ceilingin MOLDOVA -stekl poli 002 through a hole in the floor between the two floors, in which the supporting structure made of stainless steel has a transparent glass sheet. Thus, the canvas is a glass floor to the top of the room and, at the same time, the glass ceiling for a room on the floor below. In addition to the spectacular appearance, a great advantage of this design is the maximum value of both buildings.

For each case, the firm "IMTC-Constructie" SRL a specific approach in the design and development of fastening systems and devices of the glass floor.

We provide a full range of services on glass floors manufacturing and installation.