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A long-term of experience allows us to develop the objects of different complexity, using materials of a high quality from the world leaders in this field like

Structural Facade Glazing in Moldova.

strukturnoe 001

Structural Facades – one of the most difficult design solutions. They help to approach a sense of integrity and lightness of a building, the unique of which is in the following; they are glued to the base plate glass panels in different versions of execution (monoglass, multiple glass units, emalit, glassstadur and others).

Supporting aluminium structure frame consists of horizontal transoms and vertical racks, which can be visible from the inner side of a building only. The main feature of such type of glazing is the using of silicone structural sealant, which passes through the obligatory pre-testing. Such type of sealant makes the construction sealed and protects the elements of the facade of a building from mechanical and atmospheric impact. With proper design and quality installation, structural glazing, based on silicone sealant, can resist to a seismic shift, pressure, chipping, traction force, immersions, temperature changes, wind loads and many other impacts.

With structural glazing facade of a building remains smooth, without slots and gaps, doesn’t clogged with dust and dirt, what makes the structural glazing very simple and practical during the maintenance process.

Besides aesthetic superiority, structural facade has also an important technical advantage – an impact of an aggressive environment on the structure is minimal. This happens because glass and sealant comes into contact with the aggressive environment only, which has a minimal environment damaging effects.



A long-term of experience allows us to develop the objects of different complexity, using materials of a high quality from the world leaders in this field!