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“IMTC-Constructie’ SRL offers the unique and functional solutions for the latest architectural conceptions! We will offer to you thoroughly selected materials with the unique technical features, which help to avoid the commonness frames in architecture.

ATTENTION! We want to represent an innovational cladding material for premium class hinged ventilated facades in MOLDOVA:

HPL panels or high pressure laminate MOLDOVA

hpl 008Compact-laminate or as it is also called “High pressure laminate” - this material has perfect technical characteristics and aesthetic dates. The panels are not small and often are installed on a hidden mounted subsystem. Have a wide range of colours and textures.

Moreover this material has a high level of resistance to the environmental conditions. Its protective covering is not afraid of humidity and helps to provide with good colour characteristics during a long period of time.

hpl 001HPL panels application:

Finishing luxury villas, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, a variety of commercial facilities.
HPL panel produced by the impact of a hydraulic press and consist of pulp sheets saturated with thermosetting resins. The resin is polymerized at a temperature of 150 C and a pressure of 9 MPa, the formation of irreversible bonds, as a result, we have a homogeneous, solid material.

Advantages HPL panels:
-Laminate has a wide range of colour solutions, no one of existing cladding material may be compared with it.
-The material is very durable, easily withstands the mechanical damages, does not crack, does not forms scratches and cleavages;
-Doesn’t fade under the sun, is not afraid of precipitations and temperature swings. Keep the geometry and serves a very long period of time;
-Ecologically pure material doesn’t have excrements and radioactivity.
-Has a light weight, required hardiness that is why this material is recommended for constructions of block of flats, and also for the buildings, that are situated on the stage of reconstruction with the limited weight capacity.
-HPL-panels are widely used as cladding materials on the buildings where there is the necessity of durability, reliability and aesthetics.

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“IMTC-Constructie” SRL will give you a professional consultation and calculations, and also the samples and the colours of our production.