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Showers made of glass – an ideal solution for the bathroom!

The glass shower’s and screen’s popularity is increasing from year to year. Practicality, reliability, and attractive shower design wins much more followers.

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Modern shower - is essentially part of the space fence bathroom glass, which in combination with the necessary fittings gives comfort and practicality of use.

The design of a shower cabin can be different – made of transparent, frosted or colored glass or with patterns. There is a possibility to produce a shower cabin by individual wishes before its installation. It means that it can be made of different forms and dimensions required by customer.

One more important element of a shower cabin- is fencing that also can be called “screens”. These elements made from safety glass. The rack provided in the construction shall be made of aluminium. For screen’s manufacturing the direct or curved glass is used that doesn’t turbid and has a high strength..

The modern market offers the great quantity of standard showers made of glass and acrylic, but prefabricated showers have many advantages:
- Prefabricated glass shower looks lightly and easily fits to any interior.
- In case of any element crash, it is not necessary to change the whole shower cabin– you will have to substitute the necessary element.
- The glass shower cabins are not just more aesthetic and safety, but also practical: glass shower cabins are easy to clean.

The shower cabins produced from special safety glass with the thickness of 8-10 mm, what gives to a cabin stability, reliability and safety.
The glass thickness depends on dimensions of shower partition and is counted by individual order.

All the elements of a shower cabin are subjected to a constant contact with water that is why all the fittings are made from stainless steel or special brass alloy with using of special waterproof gaskets. The most popular coating of this fitting – chromium (polished), satin (matte) or gold (gold anodized). These types of fittings are specially designed for using in wet conditions.

A special profile gives the pressurization to a shower cabin. For shower’s door is used a gasket profile with magnetic stripe, providing a tight door closing.

“IMTC-Constructie” SRL uses the fittings of leading manufacturers such as: DORMA, STREMLER, CASMA.

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The maintenance for Glass shower cabin.
If you want your shower to look perfect for a long period of time, you need to follow the below mentioned rules:
-The shower’s profiles and glasses should be cleaned with the help of a mild, standard detergent;
- The alcohol detergents, nitro solvents, metallic sponges or rough microfibers are prohibited;
-After you took a shower it is better to rinse the inner surfaces of glass first of all with hot water and than with cold water, and wipe dry.

“IMTC-Constructie” SRL creates stylish and comfortable all-glass showers. High quality achieved through using just best materials and individual approach to a client. Your bathroom will obtain the qualitative look with us!