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Beautiful façade- is an important element of success and is a visiting card of your business!
“IMTC-Constructie” SRL offers facade glazing SCHUCO and ETEM for the offices, trade centers, banks, elite residential buildings.

Standard Mullion-transom system in MOLDOVA

standart 001

The base for façade glazing is the traditional mullion-transom profile system, which gives not only the unlimited freedom for creation of designers and architects, but also helps to create beautiful and strong constructions. As a supporting structure standard set of the vertical-mullion and horizontal-transom aluminium profiles are used, to which the glass is fixed. This structure can be placed both vertically and under the certain angle.

Vertical mullions look like box-shaped profile with drainage channels and landing sit for glazing’s gaskets. The depth of horizontal transoms helps to place its inner side in the same flat with the inner mullion side or helps to move it back. Press plates are fixed to the basic structure through threaded hole with the help of stainless still screws. This guarantees the glass fixing and/or filing panels. After this, the aluminium decorative covers are snapping on the press plates. The press plate’s width and the width of decorative covers from outside is 50 mm.

The mullion-transom system glazing advantages:

• Simplicity in installation
• Relatively low price of construction
• The system is designed for vertical and inclined facades

If it is necessary to make the opening in the façade, it will be possible to install in this façade different types of doors and windows. Thermo insulation principle is saving in the whole construction.
Horizontal and inclined glazing is necessary to perform using triplex, tempered glass or saving tape on inner side of multiple glass units. All constructions should be pre-calculated on hardness and strength.
Façade glazing - is a hard technological process, which can be trusted to the professionals only!