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“IMTC-Constructie” SRL represents “WAREMA” Sun Light system. WAREMA – is the leading SunLight manager and is popular all over the world.  External Sun protect is suitable for different purposes: protecting living and working spaces from atmospheric phenomena, ensuering heating control of winter gardens, galleries and shopwindows, fast decoration of summer cafes and many other. External Venetian Blinds produced by “WAREMA”  company create an ideal shade and serve as rich decoration of building’s facades. 


External Venetian Blinds – external SunProtect systems, look like usual blinds but are more ergonomic and functional. This Construction is mounted basically outside (both remote or mechanical control are possible) and may serve as modern decoration of any facade of a builng.

Externally located systems:
-   dust proof, do not take place indoors;
-   help to avoid the hotbed effect, reflect the sun’s rays;
-   with the help of the blinds the sound insulation is better;
-   protect window construction from heating and environmental hazards;

04External Venetian blinds “WAREMA” have the list of advantages:
-   help to adjust the sunlight penetration inside the building.
-   Savings on coditioning, because the blinds reflect sun rays. Using the blinds you may save on heating.
-   Durable work of the blinds, thanks to qualitative materials – aluminium and stainless steel.
-   Good sound insulation and protection from street vandals.
-   Easy installation and simple control system with the help of automatic device.

Moreover this production doesn’t emit harmful substances.

External Venetian Blinds from “WAREMA” withstand the most extreme weather conditions. They consist of wide slats, which can be adjusted from inside, exposing different angles. Thus they provide the maximum lighting of a placement at any time of the day.

Thanks to the wide range of slat colours external blinds become the stylistic way for creative  facade design. On client’s wish the blinds can be the same colour as the facade or any othe colour.

“IMTC-Constructie” SRL uses an individual approach to the client and tries to find out the optimal solution.