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Hinged Facade Systems – is the way to keep up with times!

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Hinged facade application became a standard rule today. For today, there is nothing more attractive than the shape of natural materials or simulations, which most accurately transmit the original’s temper.
Ventilated facade made of ceramic granite – is the unique possibility to make the building with the effect of stone cladding. Ventilated facades made of ceramic granite – this is more than just a possibility to differ from other buildings by effective cladding. Ceramic granite tile provides a very resistant and durable cladding, durability of which you can measure through years.


keramogranit 003Ceramic Granite is capable to resist different mechanical impacts, weakly amenable to deformation with abrupt temperature changes, is not afraid of water. Beside above mentioned advantages it has an aesthetic look and leaves good impression.
Ceramic granite characterized by restrained rigor, what is suitable for the buildings of any purpose – residential, administrative, industrial. Hinged constructions combines two advantages at once – protect the building and give the stylish modern look.

While cladding the ventilated facades, between the wall and the material, which is used for cladding, an air gap is left, what performs the ventilation.
Ceramic granite ventilated facades advantages:
- The installation is possible under the different temperature mode;
- The operating term is very long and doesn’t require yearly reparation (under the condition of purchasing of a high-quality material);
- A wonderful sound insulation and a perfect fire stability;
- Ventilated facades, installed in old buildings will help to bring it back to the youth and will help to upgrade its look.

The elements of ventilated facade systems with ceramic granite:
The correct ventilated facades installation- is a guarantee of its declared functions qualified performance. In case of wrong installation, the problems may occur. For example, the cladding material will not loose its features, but the wrong mounted hinged constructions will not perform its functions on energy saving, heat saving, humidity protection and so on in the whole volume. In case of wrong installation, the security requirements may be violated, this can lead to a human injury and property damage.

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Hinged facades with ceramic granite offered by “IMTC-Constructie” SRL thanks to its reliable construction, stylish design, build quality and relatively low price is the best choice for reconstruction and construction of a building!