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Doors in emergency exits and escape routes must release easily and immediately. Panic systems help to provide the minimum time waste on emergency doors opening and help to organize its high safety level.

Panic system has to be reliable and safety during the maintenance period and has to provide a fast door opening.

anti paniс

Panic system must fully comply with the requirements in such areas as: state institutions, offices, trade centers, hotels, educational centers, cinemas, concert halls, gyms and so on.

The principle of the “Panic system”:

while pressing the horizontal push bar, which is located at waist level of an adult the special drive quickly turns the lock in the position “open” and opens the door. Pressing the push bar is easy for a child, an old-aged person or handicapped person as well.

“Panic” arm helps instantly to open the door without any key, doesn’t require the special abilities for opening and can be unlocked even with busy hands for some minutes.

Even in the night and/or smokiness conditions simply snug with your body to the door and the door will be opened. The Panic system is very simple and easy in operation.

Through the use of strips "panic" alarm output can be completely locked from the outside, but it is the most convenient for opening from the inside.

This system has also the fire resistant quality. The material for hardware is resistant to a high temperature, what helps to provide an easy opening of a door in a fire and helps to exclude its deformation.

Any sliding doors, including automatic, are not emergency exits from the room. In areas with high fire safety requirements must be an adequate number of outlets. If the entrance, which is integrated sliding automatic doors, emergency exits should be (for example, this is the only way out of the room), there are two possible solutions to this problem:
      1. The design of the input group incorporated swing doors.
      2. Use the system "antipanic".

Automatic sliding doors with “Panic” system have special construction. Such type of a door has side screens obligatory. The leaves can be sliding (normal mode) and swing (“panic” mode).
Side screens have a possibility to swing outwards (“panic” mode) in normal mode they are closed.

anti panic 001

The main function:
ensuring safe and efficient evacuation of people and property
    - reduce the likelihood of human exposure to hazards of fire or other emergency
    - providing external security emergency exit in the absence of an emergency
    - prevent the occurrence of panic attacks in public places in buildings and premises

“IMTC-Constructie” SRL will give you a wide choice of “Panic” systems in MOLDOVA, depending on your requirements. You will feel safe with us!


Swing automatic doors (gates) are installed usually in the cases when it is not such a possibility as to install a sliding automatic door.

raspashnie dveri 001

In this system the door leaves while opening are moving not parallel to the door plane, but with 90’s grade rotation, making the doorway free for the people’s passage. This type of system helps to increase the width of a doorway in the narrow places.

Swing doors can be both one leaf and two leaves. By the way, the motor drives for automatic doors help fast and relatively inexpensive to automate already existing swing doors.

raspashnie dveri 002raspashnie dveri 003

The motor drive of a swing door by its design is like a big door closer with an electro drive. In case it is installed under the door inside the building, the swing drive with the help of a link arm of different shapes opens the usual swing door both outside and inside. It is such a possibility as to set the necessary parameters of the door moving: opening speed, time delay in the open position and opening angle. The motor drive may be installed both on a door leaf and on a rack. If you don’t want to break the integrity of the door, the special motor drive may be installed invisibly, in the floor.

Automatic swing doors are very practical: they are tightly closed and are easy to install. The using of a swing door increases the comfort and provides an easy access for people with disabilities.

Swing automatic doors by "IMTC-Constructie" SRL are the ideal solution for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, stores, office buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, theaters and concert halls.


Exclusive semicircular doors (radial, arched) sliding automatic doors in MOLDOVA (single or double) from “IMTC-Constructie” SRL will make your facade looks more attractive and will give to the entrance an elegant, modern look.

polukrug dveri 001This system differs from usual sliding automatic doors by the door leaves that are installed by round path. Active leaves are moving parallel to passive leaves not by the straight line but by arc. The leaves are made of curved enameled glass. This system helps to organize not only the unusual look of an entrance group, but also helps to increase the possibility to pass through the narrow doorway.

Very well performed radial door looks very attractive. These solutions are widely used in modern design.

uglovie dveri 004Main advantages:
- Intellectual operating. Thanks to the modern technologies and qualitative installation of arched doors, it is possible to set up the different modes.  
- The simplicity of the structure and maintenance. Curved doors are consisting of two movable doors and two stationary leaves. In the process of opening the leaves of sliding doors are gently moving along stationary leaves, thereby leaving a free space for convenient passage.
- Unusual and subtle design. In comparison with usual automatic doors the curved doors look more attractive. With its help the entrance to the building will have an elegant, expressive look.

The automatic semicircular doors are combining in itself the prestige, rationality and reliability. “IMTC-Constructie” SRL will provide with the variety of elegant and functional automatic doors which will meet your requirements.

Excellent appearance, functionality and durability - that's what distinguishes automatic revolving doors in MOLDOVA from its analogues. Installation of doors of this type provides a high throughput even in heavy traffic, and will be securely protected from the vagaries of nature.

revolivernie dveri 002

Revolving doors - an complicated system of automatic doors which consist from rotation doors .

Depending on the diameter of the revolving door can have two, three or even four door leaves. The diameter of such a door - from 2 to 6 meters.

Distinctive feature of revolving doors that are always open and always closed at the same time. Revolving doors have sufficiently high thermal insulation and sound insulation, protection from dust. Revolving doors are fitted to any façade systems, may be part of the input groups. Glass revolving door creates the effect of openness.

Automatic revolving doors are used where safety, maximum comfort and original style are essential.

"IMTC-Constructie" SRL offers you the revolving door according to your requirements.

Angular Sliding Doors in MOLDOVA – it’s an ideal solution for the expression of a modern building.

uglovie dveri 001

uglovie dveri 002The angle may be directed inwards or outwards.

It’s an ideal solution for offices, shops, residential buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, business and exhibition centers.

These types of doors are suitable for non standard designing solutions. The angle can very from 90 up to 135 grades.
Such types of automatic doors are very suitable to use if the entrance is located in the angle of a building.

With the help of angular sliding doors by “IMTC-Constructie” SRL it is possible to create an unusual and attractive entrance group and make the facade of a building more attractive.