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Glass Floor – is a glass through which you can walk, dance or even drive a car!

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Glass floors are very popular among designers. Glass – is a very beautiful material in the capable hands of a designer. In any placement or office, TV news studio, auto show, cafe, restaurant, exclusive boutique or a night club dance floor – glass floor will be the best decoration of your interior; will give the filling of “ethereality” and will fill the placement with light. Glass floor can underline the individuality of any architectural solutions.

stekl poli 004Many people are afraid to use glass in the interior because of wrong opinion about glass fragility. Due to modern technologies 1 square meter can withstands more than 400 pounds. And think not just of the most common materials can withstand such a load! Glass is used for floors, which in turn confirms the reliability of this material.

“IMTC-Constructie” SRL uses a special type of glass for glass floors – “triplex” – multilayer glass, consisting of many tempered glasses, glued between each other by polymer film, what helps to create a very durable and transparent multilayer surface. Because your safety is above all for us!

Glass canvases can be also frosted, tilted or painted at you request, can be decorated by frosted blasting patterns or decors.

The mounting of the floor glass fragments on carrying constructions is made with the help of special brackets, made from stainless steel and mounted in fragments with the help of polymer glue.

In order to avoid slipping on a glass floor and avoiding its abrasion, different types of processing are used. Blasting processing of the surface – is one of the type of processing.

There are different types of glass floors:

  • stekl poli 005Windows. This type of glass floor is very popular. It is used often for apartments and country houses. In the existing floor is made a recess or, if it is difficult to perform, the floor build up on a height 100-150 mm. Around the planned floor perimeter the steel frame is made from the glass, then the side surfaces of the recess are executed. The glass fits into the frame through the special insulating spacers, in order to avoid the direct contact with metal. The recess, as the rule, is fulfilled with decorative sand and different artifacts.
  • stekl poli 008Glass path (band glass floor) – numerous “glass windows”, mounted on the perimeter of the placement. Much effectively this variant combines with internal LED lights.
  • stekl poli 009Glass field – a hole in the floor between two levels, in which on the carrying construction made from stainless steel, the transparent glass canvas is mounted.
  • The glass ceilingin MOLDOVA -stekl poli 002 through a hole in the floor between the two floors, in which the supporting structure made of stainless steel has a transparent glass sheet. Thus, the canvas is a glass floor to the top of the room and, at the same time, the glass ceiling for a room on the floor below. In addition to the spectacular appearance, a great advantage of this design is the maximum value of both buildings.

For each case, the firm "IMTC-Constructie" SRL a specific approach in the design and development of fastening systems and devices of the glass floor.

We provide a full range of services on glass floors manufacturing and installation.


How to make the building entrance always remaining clean and safety?

An elegant solution – is the glass canopies

“IMTC-Constructie” SRL offers all-glass canopies on SPIDER GLASS SYSTEM fittings, that withstands to a high snow and wind loads, and is highly resistant to corrosion. Glass and metal in combination give lightness and modern style to any facade.. 

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Construction made from glass ideally underlines both hi-tech and classic buildings. Glass canopies perfectly combined with wood, concrete and brick. Glass canopies over the entrance groups, pavilions and galleries, balcony fencing can be transparent, “weightless”, but at the same time, absolutely functional. Thanks to plasticity, that has glass; it is possible to design the canopies of any different shapes.

stekl koziriki 006While projecting such types of constructions, it is necessary to take into account the external loads, such as lasting snow load, branches, and icicles falling. Glass canopies are counted individually on snow and wind loads by our specialists with all accepted building standards.

stekl koziriki 007By European standards the glass is made from triplex, consisting of thermally-hardened tempered glass, which in 5-7 times is stronger than the raw glass (on curves), and at fracture brakes on small rounded fragments, which are safety for a person. If Triplex is damaged it has an opportunity to save the shape of the glass canopy and can run the load for a while.

stekl koziriki 001Depending on the width of the canopy, it may consist of one or several glasses. The joints of the glasses are sealed securely. The glass can be transparent, frosted, tilted, with patterns.

SPIDER fittings by “IMTC-Constructie” SRL made from stainless steel and designed for frameless fixing of architectural glass are very popular now in the facade construction. For canopies fixing our company is used certified fittings made from qualitative stainless steel.
Using all of these components your canopy will look always stylish, expensive and exclusive!

Your canopy will have always look stylish, expensive and exclusive with all of these components!


Transformed glass partitions and fencing MOLDOVA

Glass partitions – is a modern, convenient and practical way of space dividing. Thanks to transparent glass the placement will be full of light. All-glass mobile fencing helps easily and in short terms to make the apartment’s or office’s layout. The designers and architects are using today such a solution as the assembling and dismantling walls. And it is possible to achieve such an effect with the help of module partition made of glass. This helps to provide sound insulation and save visibility and illumination in the placement on a high level.

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Both partitions mobile and stationary help to divide the placement on many zones with different functionality, with minimum wastes. Glass partitions have the great practical meaning – in trade and exhibition centers. Mobile and transforming glass partitions help to reorganize the space in short terms – for some minutes.

Depending on construction system the transforming partitions may have perpendicular parking, parallel parking and other types of parking.

“IMTC-Constructie” offers many different variants of sliding glass partitions in MOLDOVA:

Glass partitions HSW DORMA MOLDOVA
Each system of mobile glass partitions DORMA HSW provides ample opportunity to give the desired room atmosphere and the desired functionality.

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Mobile DORMA HSW glass partitions allow us to find an attractive solution for any occasion - from light translucent structures that protect from drafts and penetration of people to mobile designs with maximum heat and sound insulation.

Sliding glass panels HSW form an integral and most transparent plane of office partitions and shop windows - without the side frames.

HSW Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems are ideal for any application where total vision is required. Whether the purpose is to link or separate, add security, provide noise or thermal insulation, or remove barriers, Dorma’s HSW / FSW sliding wall systems are available in a variety of configurations to meet your design requirements.

Glass partitions FSW DORMA MOLDOVA
Folding accordion-type glass partitions DORMA FSW is a successful alternative system of HSW, the two systems are very similar to each other both physically and technologically. Glass panel FSW interconnected loops, and in order not to fold the partition requires a lot of effort. In the folded position of the shifted and securely, without the use of additional parking guide.

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Distinctive features:

- Unlike the HSW, the glass panels are interconnected There is no need in the parking zone
- High quality workmanship
- Used with 8/10/12 mm tempered glass
- A large number of variants of decorative covers

In addition, virtually any shade and colour combination for the fitting surfaces is possible - so the system can be perfectly aligned to the Corporate Design of the customer company within the framework of an integrated facade and interior design solution.

The advantage of the FSW is no need for pairing panels and the opportunity to cover this type of glass partition more space than other types of partitions.


Glass Doors in MOLDOVA– unlimited possibilities! Doors made of glass – the perfect alternative to the traditional doors. Thanks to frameless technologies glass doors are visually light and stylish.

“IMTC-Constructie” SRL has a great experience in projection, delivery and installation of glass doors. We can offer a great choice of glass doors according with different technical requirement. Glass doors are made from TEMPERED glass with the thickness of 8-12 mm, made of transparent, tilted and coloured glasses that can be made with patterns.

Glass doors – is not just a perfect view that surprises by its originality, but also the possibility to enlarge the placement visually.

Glass doors people usually associate with fragility and sharp dangerous fragments. This can happens if you are offered the glass doors made of raw glass, or cheaper triplex.  We offer all-glass doors made of tempered glass that can hold serious weight! This glass resists to hits and temperature changes. Glass tempering provides safety to the people and increases the strength of the glass.

Glass doors advantages:
- They are easy to install.
- Glass doors are less exposed to any deformations.
- Glass doors have very attractive and aesthetic view.

“IMTC-Constructie” SRL works just with qualitative materials and trusts to the world manufactures of the glass fittings such as: DORMA (Germany), STREMLER (France), CASMA (Italy).

“IMTC-Constructie” SRL offers the all-glass doors:

Shop window glazing MOLDOVA

The shop window glazing is popular because of aesthetic view, stylish design, high safety of the construction and good overview. It can be equipped by additional backlight. The modern shop windows can help you make any goods look rich.

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Modern Glass shop windows made of frame aluminium are elegant and have solid construction. The strength of aluminium profile can provide with stability and required joining hardness. Trade centers and huge shops, are the places with the large concentration of people that is why it requires thoroughly choice of material that will be used in the production of shop windows.

Modern all-glass shop windows are produced by joining “joint to joint” of special tempered glass, which in case of its destroying will crumble on many small fragments, without injuries for surrounding people. The advantages of all-glass shop windows - fast unlimited view of a trade space. This is an entire whole transparent wall that will fit to any interior.

“IMTC-Constructie” SRL gives you an opportunity to make the glazing of shop windows or stained glass windows in shops, trade centers, jewelry shops, auto shows, boutiques and restaurants, offices.