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SLIDING DOORS – are the doors moving from side to side while opening. Today the glass coupe doors are made of tempered glass only. It is very difficult to break it. One more interior sliding glass doors advantage is – the possibility to produce the non standard dimensions.

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There are two types of Sliders or sliding door: Interior and exterior (pencil-case doors) they are divided on one leaf, two leaves, parallel, and radius.

Glass sliding doors works noiselessly, because all the weight of the construction is placed on the fitting and the glass leaf of the door is situated in a hanged condition. The construction is frameless, what gives to it a visual easiness and individuality.

“IMTC-Constructie” SRL uses the fittings of the best world manufacturers, such as: DORMA (Germany), STREMLER (France), CASMA (Italy).

For sliding doors is used: transparent, tilted glass with patterns, matte glass.

Sliding doors are often used in shops, trade centers, offices, home interiors.

“IMTC-Constructie” SRL offers a wide range of sliding doors in MOLDOVA:

Sliding glass doors and partitions DORMA AGILE MOLDOVA

DORMA AGILE – the elegant sliding glass door system. AGILE – will be the optimal choice if you need the modern elegant design with perfectly fitted track and floor guidance. The track could be fixed both to the ceiling and to the wall. And with the help of COMPACT set it is possible to fix it on the glass, for example on glass partitions. The system is fixed inside the track. The track elegance achieved by a subtle profile design that helps to hide the fittings. The track can be painted in different colours.

The System DORMA MANET for glass doors and partitions.

DORMA MANET – fittings for glass partitions and doors.  This set includes the system of glass fixing, adjustable mechanism, and the sliding door system

A key component of the fastening system of glass - conical sleeve, part of the point system for mounting glass. A distinctive feature of this coupling - no protruding parts after the stop that keeps the surface of walls and doors completely smooth.

Point fixing can be regulated in three planes, which provides extremely accurate installation.
System for sliding doors provided with roller carriages with mounting system for glass and wood and cast track.

The hardware for glass partitions and GLASS doors DORMA BEYOND.

DORMA BEYOND- is safety and functional system with original design. The glass doors DORMA BEYOND MOLDOVA are developed based on the latest achievements in the field of modern design.

The two roller carriage stops traffic placed in the round profile sliding glass doors, and its shape perfectly with the rod glass door. Sliding glass doors DORMA BEYOND extremely easy to open and close. Due to the sensitive axes of the suspension bearing, the load is evenly distributed on both parallel to the moving roller. The center of gravity of the sliding door is always stable, providing a smooth and uniform motion of the door.