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stekl dveri 014Pendulum glass doors – the most often used system of opening and closing the door. The pendulum doors are installed with the help of axle vertical mount, bottom- floor, top- ceiling, and top part of door way, mortgage bar or any other horizontal plane. Thus, the door hinges are absent in pendulum doors, they are revolving round its vertical axle. With the help of the limiter, the pendulum door is transforming into swing door easily. Such type of door is simple, reliable and habitual to majority of the customers.

The pendulum and swing glass doors are used in the interior of modern business-centers, trade centers, offices, private houses.

The glass doors helps the interior looks more attractive, “transparent” and attract the customers.

The pendulum glass doors DORMA by “IMTC-Constructie” CHISHINAU:


The fitting system Universal helps to create the technically ideal and attractive all-glass constructions. The fitting is designed by a modular principle and consists of base fitting body, functional parts and decorative covers with clip-latches. With the help of these fittings it is possible to create many different all-glass constructions. For example, with different non movable elements – side screens, transoms, stiffeners and angles, sliding or swing single –or two leaf doors, single or double effect, with locks, latches and response parts.

dveri universal m001dveri universal m003dveri universal m004dveri universal m006

The system splint TP/TA DORMA MOLDOVA

The splints TP/TA are used for maximum protection of bottom edge of the glass from accidental hits, and also for providing the maximum joints impermeability.
The door splints are recommended to use on non standard, more overall (height, width, weight) door leaves in the places with high pass ability.


The system “MANET” offers practically the unlimited possibility for production the frameless glass doors in the door ways and in the all-glass partitions, made from point hitches. This system is suitable both for pendulum and one side opening doors. The diverse, thoroughly chosen and corresponding to each other the system’s elements made from stainless steel, in different combinations may join the glass panels, to mount these systems to the walls, ceilings and floor. The high quality and the ideal technical conception of the system help to minimize the carrying constructions.


The systems BEYOND – are safety, functional and stylish solutions. They exclude the possibility to pinch the finger in the moment of opening or closing of pendulum doors.

Safety and reliability
The patented system “BEYOND” gives the possibility and safety of the pendulum door fixing..

  The system VISUR DORMA MOLDOVA «invisible hinges»

The system for swing doors VISUR- provides absence of any visual fastening elements and 100% of transparency.

Fixing system “VISUR” is unique, thanks to the absence of any visual fastening elements of the door leaf – the constructive details are integrated in the top and bottom part of the door way and are hidden by decorative profile.

VISUR – is a perfect alternative to the standard fittings for swing all-glass doors. Thanks to the absence of fittings on glass leaf, it is possible to be used in the interior of any colour and stylish solution. The glass leaf is fixed from the top and from the bottom by two fittings, which provide the reliable fixing and door operation with the weight of 80 kg and maximum width of 1100 mm.

The system EA DORMA MOLDOVA – rebated hinges

The corner fittings EA with displaced center differ by a subtle, elegant design. These fittings help to create technically reliable and visually perfect glass swing one side opening doors: these can be doors, mounted in the door-frame, and none integrated in all-glass construction.