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DIBOND - a sheet material of 2 – 6 mm thickness, consisting of polyethylene base, covered by two preliminary painted aluminium sheets of 0.3 mm thickness. For safe installation and transportation, the surfaces of the sheets are covered by protection film.

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From the moment of invention and up-to-date all the DIBOND panels are produced on the factory “3A Composites SA” (“Alcan Composites Gmbh) on South of Germany in Singen city.

Quality, quality, and again quality – is a slogan of the DIBOND producers.
     The DIBOND panels are covered by special polyester lacquer; this lacquer protects the    surface from sunlight and precipitation impact.

The temperature range in which the panel can be operated - from -50 to +80 degrees Celsius. Filler panel - polyethylene panels have a degree of flammability G4.

Panels do not require a special care – if the panels are used inside of a building it is necessary to wipe it with wet material using the neutral nonabrasive detergent. In outdoor maintains the best care – is washing with water jet. The production made of DIBOND panels is durable and attractive.