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Alucobond – a cladding construction material belonging to the category of composite material.  For manufacturing the panels of this material two aluminum sheets with the thickness up to 0,5 mm are used. The polymeric sheet is pressed between them, produced on a base of polyethylene of a low pressure. Thereby the common thickness of Alucobond bar is 3,4 or 6 mm. In standard variant the surface is painted just from one side, other surfaces are delivered on customer’s request (not painted, two side painted, two side anodized, natural stone and others).
The exceptional resistance to atmospheric aging is achieved by using a polymer coating based on PVDF with subsequent heat treatment.

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Alucobond produced in Germany by the large aluminum concern 3A Composites SA., The aluminium production leader in Europe.

There are the following types of Alucobond panels:

  • ALUCOBOND® – fire group G4;
  • Тип plus – fire resistant, fire group G1;
  • Тип A2 – fire group G1, but the fire resistance is higher.

Alucobond panels application:
• Hinged aluminum facades;
• Building reconstruction;
• Trade stands;
• Advertisement;
• Interior design.