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Transformed glass partitions and fencing MOLDOVA

Glass partitions – is a modern, convenient and practical way of space dividing. Thanks to transparent glass the placement will be full of light. All-glass mobile fencing helps easily and in short terms to make the apartment’s or office’s layout. The designers and architects are using today such a solution as the assembling and dismantling walls. And it is possible to achieve such an effect with the help of module partition made of glass. This helps to provide sound insulation and save visibility and illumination in the placement on a high level.

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Both partitions mobile and stationary help to divide the placement on many zones with different functionality, with minimum wastes. Glass partitions have the great practical meaning – in trade and exhibition centers. Mobile and transforming glass partitions help to reorganize the space in short terms – for some minutes.

Depending on construction system the transforming partitions may have perpendicular parking, parallel parking and other types of parking.

“IMTC-Constructie” offers many different variants of sliding glass partitions in MOLDOVA:

Glass partitions HSW DORMA MOLDOVA
Each system of mobile glass partitions DORMA HSW provides ample opportunity to give the desired room atmosphere and the desired functionality.

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Mobile DORMA HSW glass partitions allow us to find an attractive solution for any occasion - from light translucent structures that protect from drafts and penetration of people to mobile designs with maximum heat and sound insulation.

Sliding glass panels HSW form an integral and most transparent plane of office partitions and shop windows - without the side frames.

HSW Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems are ideal for any application where total vision is required. Whether the purpose is to link or separate, add security, provide noise or thermal insulation, or remove barriers, Dorma’s HSW / FSW sliding wall systems are available in a variety of configurations to meet your design requirements.

Glass partitions FSW DORMA MOLDOVA
Folding accordion-type glass partitions DORMA FSW is a successful alternative system of HSW, the two systems are very similar to each other both physically and technologically. Glass panel FSW interconnected loops, and in order not to fold the partition requires a lot of effort. In the folded position of the shifted and securely, without the use of additional parking guide.

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Distinctive features:

- Unlike the HSW, the glass panels are interconnected There is no need in the parking zone
- High quality workmanship
- Used with 8/10/12 mm tempered glass
- A large number of variants of decorative covers

In addition, virtually any shade and colour combination for the fitting surfaces is possible - so the system can be perfectly aligned to the Corporate Design of the customer company within the framework of an integrated facade and interior design solution.

The advantage of the FSW is no need for pairing panels and the opportunity to cover this type of glass partition more space than other types of partitions.