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Shop window glazing MOLDOVA

The shop window glazing is popular because of aesthetic view, stylish design, high safety of the construction and good overview. It can be equipped by additional backlight. The modern shop windows can help you make any goods look rich.

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Modern Glass shop windows made of frame aluminium are elegant and have solid construction. The strength of aluminium profile can provide with stability and required joining hardness. Trade centers and huge shops, are the places with the large concentration of people that is why it requires thoroughly choice of material that will be used in the production of shop windows.

Modern all-glass shop windows are produced by joining “joint to joint” of special tempered glass, which in case of its destroying will crumble on many small fragments, without injuries for surrounding people. The advantages of all-glass shop windows - fast unlimited view of a trade space. This is an entire whole transparent wall that will fit to any interior.

“IMTC-Constructie” SRL gives you an opportunity to make the glazing of shop windows or stained glass windows in shops, trade centers, jewelry shops, auto shows, boutiques and restaurants, offices.