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Exclusive semicircular doors (radial, arched) sliding automatic doors in MOLDOVA (single or double) from “IMTC-Constructie” SRL will make your facade looks more attractive and will give to the entrance an elegant, modern look.

polukrug dveri 001This system differs from usual sliding automatic doors by the door leaves that are installed by round path. Active leaves are moving parallel to passive leaves not by the straight line but by arc. The leaves are made of curved enameled glass. This system helps to organize not only the unusual look of an entrance group, but also helps to increase the possibility to pass through the narrow doorway.

Very well performed radial door looks very attractive. These solutions are widely used in modern design.

uglovie dveri 004Main advantages:
- Intellectual operating. Thanks to the modern technologies and qualitative installation of arched doors, it is possible to set up the different modes.  
- The simplicity of the structure and maintenance. Curved doors are consisting of two movable doors and two stationary leaves. In the process of opening the leaves of sliding doors are gently moving along stationary leaves, thereby leaving a free space for convenient passage.
- Unusual and subtle design. In comparison with usual automatic doors the curved doors look more attractive. With its help the entrance to the building will have an elegant, expressive look.

The automatic semicircular doors are combining in itself the prestige, rationality and reliability. “IMTC-Constructie” SRL will provide with the variety of elegant and functional automatic doors which will meet your requirements.